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Middle Eastern dance, commonly referred to as bellydancing, is a dance tradition that has inspired and captivated audiences for centuries. The dance has its roots in the ancient Mediterranean world, and it still survives in today's Arab-Islamic countries. In the Middle East every region, city and tribe has innumerable variations and unique nuances in their dancing, but the movements still can be identified as coming from a common cultural heritage.

My personal agenda as a dancer is to study as many native Middle Eastern dance forms as possible. My Middle Eastern dance background is in a style called Tribal Fusion, a blend of traditional and folkloric dances from Morocco to India. I also work with a variety of other styles, including Oriental Dance, Iranian, Central Asian, Turkish, Egyptian, Moroccan, and Tunisian.

It is my goal to emulate traditional movements and revitalize interest in cultural dances. It is my hope to share the joy of Middle Eastern dance by performing and teaching this beautiful art form.


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