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Turkey--Images of Istanbul

Istanbul at dawn
Istanbul at dawn

man in thought
Man in thought

Grand bizzar
Prized purchase at an antique jewlery store in the Grand Bizzar

The spice market
The spice market

Blue Mosque interior
Interior of the Blue Mosque's dome

Blue Mosque
Interior of the Blue Mosque near prayer time


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Israel--Images of Acre, Masada, and Caesarea

Acre: Medieval hotel

Acre: passageway

spice shop
Acre: spice shop

cresent moon mosque
Acre: crescent moon toping mosque

Caesarea: sandmonster

Roman ruins
Caesarea: Roman ruins

Masada: lift to the top

underground water system
Underground water system in Zippora

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Morocco--Images of Marakesh

Moroccan boys
Moroccan boys

Donkey Cart
Donkey cart

women of Marrakech
Veiled women of Marrakech

Oruk valley
Oruk valley

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